Mount Bromo Camping Tour For Milky Way Photography Cheap Price 2024

Mount Bromo Camping Tour Package is a new package of MountBromoTour.Com to enjoy the beauty of Bromo by camping. In this camping package, you can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and sunset.

Besides if you are a photographer you can see and photograph the beauty of the Milky Way at night from a tent. Therefore this camping package gives you many conveniences that you can feel during the tour.

Mount Bromo Camping Tour

This kind of mount Bromo Tour Package covers several different packages but taking the camping tour package is recommended since it will give a better experience in the Bromo trip. You don’t need to bother using the hotel and traveling at night with Jep just to take photos of the Milky Way and the Bromo landscape at night. 

Mount Bromo Tour by Camping will give tourists a great time contemplating while enjoying the grand beauty of nature. For those who are dreaming of a campfire with thousands of inspirations. So, camping in Bromo will be the best choice.

Although the temperature of Bromo National Park is very cold people will love camping on Bromo because creates the warmest memories for all hearts.

Mount Bromo Milky Way By Camping Tour

Spot or location to see the beauty of the Milky Way at Mt Bromo cannot be found in every place in Bromo. Certain locations that we prepare for you will produce special and promising photography results.

Because we have delivered a variety of world photographers and they are very satisfied with our service because we do not invite to spot the Milky Way carelessly.

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour package

In general, the Bromo Milky Way Tour is almost the same as the Mount Bromo tour package 2 days 1 night, but at certain hours you will invite us to take the Milkyway hunting to produce the perfect photos. Following the above, we have provided an overview of the Bromo Milkiway tour package that we offer to visitors of Mount Bromo tourist attractions with a very special star panorama.

Mount Bromo Camping Tour

Itinerary Mount Bromo Camping Tour Package

Detail program 2 days 1 night camping on Bromo for photographers who want to visit Bromo during vacation

Day 1: Pick Up From Surabaya/Malang/Probolinggo – Camping in Bromo

  • Starting from Surabaya/Malang/Probolinggo or another place then to Bromo.
  • We will pick you up from the airport, hotel, or train station. Then go direct to Bromo area by private car by 3 hours drive.
  • After arriving in the Bromo area, then you will need to get on the 4WD Jeep to the main point locations on mt Penanjakan. Tourists do not have to buy the tickets since the rate includes tickets to enter the National Park.
  • When you reach viewpoint 1, our team will set up the tent and other equipment for camping.
  • Next, you will love to start the journey in the evening and spend the night at a tent. You can simply lay down under the star and get inspired instantly. It will be the most luxurious night with the glamorous night sky. Besides, You can spend the dawn with special people around that majestic volcano.

Day 2: Mount Sunrise Tour  – Transfer Out

  • After you enjoy the beauty of Bromo night by camping.
  • Hunting Bromo Milky Way
  • Then you have to wake up to see the sunrise. The beauty of Bromo sunrise is one of the most stunning things on Bromo.
  • After breakfast, Jeep will take you to the sea of sand. There you will climb Mount Bromo to see the incredible beauty of the Bromo crater.
  • Next, the Bromo camping tour will take the tourists to the green and super elegant Teletubbies hill. The vast area of the savanna is a wonderful fairy tale scenery that will be a perfect spot for snapping photos.
  • Next, tourists can go to Whispering Sand to just roam and enjoy hot drinks. The place is also a perfect spot for tourists to take a pretty pose after enjoying some snacks.
  • After finishing the camping package on Bromo, we will transfer You out to Surabaya.

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Mount Bromo Camping Tour Price 2024

1 personIDR 4.100.000/pax
2 personIDR 2.250.000/pax
3 personIDR 1.750.000/pax
4 personIDR 1.450.000/pax
5 personIDR 1.200.000/pax
6 personIDR 1.100.000/pax

Camping Tour Package covers several different packages but to take the camping tour package is recommended since it will give a better experience in Bromo trip.


Tour Inclusive:

  • Private transportation with professional drivers + Petrol
  • Jeep for Bromo tour
  • Mineral water during tour
  • A night in a camping tent on Bromo
  • The camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, and mattress
  • Entrance fee to Bromo
  • Dinner and Breakfast
  • Porter and Local Guide


  • Personal expenses
  • Horse in Bromo
  • Travel Insurance


Camping on Bromo will be under the professional travel agency service. People will be able to arrange the best time for the camping package. They can consult the dates and programs with the guides through websites or phones.

The customer services will be ready to tailor the best itineraries that meet the requirements of each client. Some clients want to raise their adrenaline by taking challenging itineraries. Meanwhile, some others just want to enjoy the romantic camping around Bromo.

How to Book?

Mount Bromo camping 2 days package is definitely a great idea for all families. For a family who wants to leave for an outdoor trip, this destination is the best pick. The hotels, restaurants, foods, itinerary, scenery, and even atmosphere will help tourists to build a bond.

Just call the service and enjoy your trip soon. For booking a package for the Mount Bromo Camping Tour, please contact us to start the adventure in Bromo the supervolcano.

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